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Article from Issue #50 (October 7, 2022)


Happy Saturday everyone!

We hope you enjoy this relaxing and healing Five Animal Qi Gong. You can try to follow along or just put it on in the back ground as music video. Hope it will help you relax and heal.

We will be holding a Live Stream Interactive Seminar on this Qi Gong, which is an ancient Chinese Qi Gong that is designed to heal our organs and emotions in November 2021 (13, 14 and 20th).

If you would like to join live or follow along the recording replays (If time doesn't suit), you can find out more here:

Special Thanks to Master Zhong Yun Long. This great five Animals Qi Gong Form I was learned from Master Zhong Yun Long (钟云龙道长 ) He is 14th generation of Sanfeng Pan of the Wudang Mountain Taoism.

We hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

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