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Article from Issue #7 (March 7, 2019)

Kellyann Young's recipe for dog food. Her vet approves but you should consult your vet to assure it is okay for your pet. Also check for any allergies to ingredients.


ALL VEGGIES ARE GRATED/MASHED (boiled) & SCRUBBED. ***We have found that mashing the Veggies helps them to digest the veggies a lot better.***

12 cups dry Brown Rice 12 cups dry Quiana 2-3 large heads of Broccoli 2 Large heads of Cauliflower 1 Bag Spinach 5-6 Sweet Potatoes 3-6 Yellow/Green Squash 1 BIG bag of Carrots 10 pounds of ground Turkey (Boomer is allergic to Chicken) BOILED & Strained to get the fat off of it.


I put 4 huge beef bones/2-3 packages of small bones from the butcher to cook in a crockpot for 9 hours & with 2 hours to go I put a big bag of whole carrots in (Boomer will only eat veggies if cooked in the bone broth). I let that sit over night & remove the jellied fat from the top & then cook the rice/Quiana in the measured broth & then add the rest filtered water per rice/Quiana cooking instructions. I remove the marrow from the bones & mash with some broth & mix that with boiled meat.

***If boiling the veggies, there is no need for this step....I grate all of the veggies & once the rice/Quiana are done I put the veggies/meat/bone marrow in the pots & mix as thoroughly as can be to steam & cook. I let that sit for a few hours as it is too hot to do anything with until then. We have 4 large Dogs, so this is only enough for about a week as a Homemade Diet requires twice the amount of food compared to a Kibble/commercial diet. I keep enough in frig for 2-3 days & freeze the rest in containers for daily consumption. It takes forever to thaw out so don’t use big square container, we use long 2-3 inch deep ones. I did go over this recipe with our Vet, so always check with them in case your Dog has any restrictions.

Part 2 pet food done

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