Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Gaine Talk: Ageless Thrival Living

Fenneke Tjallingii-Brocken

Fenneke Tjallingii-Brocken

Fenneke Tjallingii-Brocken


Fenneke is a certified performance coach who empowers people with calm, clarity and confidence to let them thrive in their work and life. She works with clients one-on-one and facilitates workshops to help people create lasting stress management tools, apply discipline to enhance focus and build authentic relationships. Within organizations, Fenneke builds mindful cultures, creating work engagement, wellbeing and sustainable higher business results. Fenneke believes that the key to live joyfully and create success, both personally as professionally is fully being who you are. With 20 years of experience in mindfulness & meditation and drawing from her multidisciplinary background as coach, marine biologist and kundalini yoga teacher, she provides a holistic approach to come alive and step into your greatness to make a difference in the world. Fenneke is of Dutch origin and has lived and worked in Gabon, Africa. She is a wife and mother of two wonderful children.

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