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Article from Issue #57 (May 7, 2023)

Ancestral Healing Meditation

by Tom Kenyon

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You are the current blossoming of your ancestral tree. And as such you might be living not only your own life but the lives of your ancestors as well. By this rather odd statement we mean that you may be living out their dreams and personal realities rather than your own.

All sentient beings, without exception, are affected through the actions taken by those who came before them.

This is true for all beings—both incarnate and ephemeral. But for human beings the situation is more complex because the subtle energetic effects of your ancestors’ belief systems, actions and karma affect you in profound ways.

The imprinting of the perceptual limitations of your ancestors is held in your nadis (the subtle energy pathways for prana within your body) and by your DNA. Those ancestors who interacted with you in this lifetime usually have the most profound effects on you, but some of your more distant ancestors may be affecting you despite their distance from you in time.

As the Ascension process continues to unfold on your Earth, the unresolved energetics of your ancestral line can (and probably will) stimulate the release of deeply held unconscious material from your ancestral tree. This is a form of spontaneous ancestral healing and should not be feared or shrunk away from. When ancestral impressions arise, let them unfold in innocence and understand their nature as messengers from the deep. They are a calling to be present and conscious.

If you consciously work through your ancestral line, you will notice that some of your ancestors exerted a benevolent or positive effect on the situations and people around them. And you may also discover that some of your ancestors were less than positive if not downright destructive.

Through your ancestors you were given the rare gift of a human lifetime. Human embodiment is a rare thing and brings with it potentials for rapid spiritual development that are unsurpassed anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Within the seat of your own lifeforce are keys to your ascension, and it is in the seat of your lifeforce, as a human being, that the Ascension process begins.

When the heart enters the vibratory field of compassion and loving-kindness you are elevated. And when this is conjoined with increased lifeforce, the process of Ascension is born.

Thus, when you extend compassion and loving-kindness to your ancestors, you free them and contribute to your own Ascension.

The Ancestral Healing Sound Meditation is a gentle but profound way to work with your family tree and ancestral lines.

May you find the solace within your own heart, and may you extend this grace to your ancestors whose numbers are greater than all the stars in your galaxy.

The Meditation

Sitting or lying down, close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra in the center of your chest.

Imagine that your ancestors (both known and unknown) are in front of you at a comfortable distance away. (Note: Look both to your right and your left as some of your ancestors may be “off in the wings.”)

When the meditation begins, both imagine and feel that the music is emanating from your heart. This addition of the sense that the music streams out of your heart is an important element in this particular meditation. This simple shift in perception will intensify your experience.

As you enfold your ancestors with compassion, forgiveness and solace, you may feel responses from them. And as you work in this manner, you may find that deeper insights and memories come to you.

When you finish the meditation, it would be good to rest in silence for a few minutes and notice the quality of your thoughts and feelings.

This meditation can be repeated multiple times to plumb the depths of your ancestral heritage.

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

The foundation tracks for this meditation were originally part of The Upper Rooms Intensive.

But after listening to the recording, I felt that it was timely to present the meditation on its own to a larger audience.

My reason for wishing to disseminate this meditation more freely is due to the clear fact that our culture is dealing with the toxic burden of unresolved ancestral issues. And these issues can affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. They can also affect us genetically—through imprints in our DNA as geneticists have discovered.

While I was listening to the recording of the meditation, the Hathors blipped in and suggested an acoustic tweaking of the meditation tracks in order to create more potent psychoacoustic effects. And I did indeed experience more potency after the Hathors made their adjustments in the studio.

The Hathors did their acoustic magic in the section where I was chanting to two benevolent archetypal beings who are Buddhist in origins—Chenrezig (the Buddha of Infinite Compassion) and Kuan Yin (he/she who hears the suffering of the world).

When I asked the Hathors about this they said that they felt very aligned with these two enlightened beings. And both their subtle energetics and their teachings reminded the Hathors of their own spiritual teachers whom they call the Aethos.

The energetics of compassion, forgiveness and solace are embedded in the sound meditation, and all of this has a healing effect.

Deep and profound healing is available to you through both the psychoacoustics and the transmission of compassion, forgiveness and solace to your ancestors.

I have experimented with this sound meditation in various situations including just before going to sleep. My experiences in dreamtime were often deeply insightful. And I would suggest trying this for yourself as well.

I will personally come back to this sound meditation time and time again when it feels right to sweep through the cluttered hallway of my own ancestral issues.

For those of you who encounter strong resentments as you work with your ancestors, or anyone for that matter, you might work with another sound meditation called Healing Regrets. This is a powerfully effective meditation that allows you to clear deeply set hostilities.

You can find Healing Regrets in the Listening section of the website.

Regarding the Ancestral Healing Sound Meditation, I suggest stereo headphones or earbuds for the greatest acoustic impact. And don’t listen to the sound meditation in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Ancestral Healing Sound Meditation.

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