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White Tara: Ascended Master of Longevity, Health, Healing, Wisdom and Compassion
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Healing Your Lilith Lilith chose independence over submissiveness to Adam so she was Cast Off and Demonized by the Patriarchal dualistic system. Lilith was used as a Scapegoat to diminish all things feminine over the last 6000 years. Join us for 11 weeks of exploring the archetypal stages of Lilith as both men and women heal into their authentic beingness. Click here to learn more and your special price of $88.00 The Secret to Becoming Ageless We accept aging as inevitable, but scientists are discovering what Spiritual Masters have known forever... Aging is a choice. It's time for you to choose AgelessThrival™ Living! Click Here The Empowerment Series Homo Sapien coding of Power Over, Domination and Control has brought humanity to the brink of a sixth mass extinction. The Empowerment Series helps you transform and evolve through love from Power Over and Struggle into Empowered AgelessThrival™. Is it time for you to make that choice into the new human of the Golden Age of Miracles? Truly Heaven on Earth. Click here

Issue #58

by Catherine Wylie

Hey it is June! Summer Solstice is fast approaching. This issue has our regulars, Mark Hall, Maya White Horoscope, Jacqueline Jarratt AgelessThrival fitness, FLFE and much much more!. Enjoy this June. Tons of Love, Blessings and Gratitude!

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Product of the Month: Kumquat 5 mL

Kumquat is a truly unique citrus oil, renowned for its sweetness and topical cleansing properties. Place a 125 PV Loyalty Order by June 15 to receive your own bottle of this limited-time oil for FREE!

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Fascism Will Destroy Itself, Part 6: Hope for the Future

by Mark Hall

Things are getting worse, and they will continue getting worse in the near future, but the world is due for a major paradigm shift that will be better for everyone.

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A Beginner's Guide to Palmistry

by Sage Goddess

Have you ever looked at your hands and wondered what they might reveal about your life and personality? If so, you’re not alone. Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is an ancient art that involves analyzing the lines and shapes of the hand and fingers to gain insight into a person’s character, aptitudes, and future.

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Air Signs Astrology Explained: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

by Tara: Sage Goddess Astrologer

Join Tara in this episode of Astro Talks as she delves into Air Signs Astrology. Gain insights into the unique characteristics of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and how to work with their energies for personal growth and success. Whether you're an astrology enthusiast or a newcomer to the field, this video will surely broaden your understanding of the power of the stars.

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The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

by Tara and Jared of Sage Goddess

Join Jared and Tara in this episode of Astro Talks as they delve into Water Signs Astrology. Gain insights into the unique characteristics of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and how to work with their energies for personal growth and success.

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What is so Sacred About the Number 108!

by Himalayan Yoga Institute

Astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Galileo Galilei made an interesting statement. He said that the universe is written “in mathematical language”. He maintained that the mysteries of creation itself could be solved through numbers and mathematical equations.

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417Hz Solfeggio Frequency

by Catherine Wylie

417 Hz is one of the beautiful solfeggio frequency which is known to wipe out all the negativity inside us. Its a frequency that can bring change, it marks the starts of new beginnings in the life, and its so powerful that it can reverse and undo negative happenings.

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Crystal Magic Cards

The first plane of existence which is all nonorganic life on the third dimension from the smallest crystal, the soil, to the largest mountain are the foundation for organic life. Therefore the crystals have life and a consciousness. Mother Earth sustains every aspect of our lives and Gaia created the beauty, wisdom, magic, and healing capacity of her crystals to enhance our lives as we choose to work with them.

We have created a digital deck of 33 crystal cards for you to use to enhance your life. More will be added over the next 6 months. Pick a card daily, use the affirmation associated with that crystal in a way that will help you with your hearts desire. Remember that it isn't enough to just pray or meditate to make life changes. It is in the action you take to make it happen. So enjoy this deck as its consciousness measures around 770 on the David Hawkins scale of consciousness. Love and Gratitude to you!

Crystal Magic Cards

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