Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Personal Evolution in a High Consciousness FLFE Field

You may have experienced rapid growth and epiphanies in a high consciousness field such as during a session with a healer, during deep prayer, at a personal development seminar or while on a religious or spiritual retreat. The FLFE high consciousness field has the benefit for you of being consistent and long-lasting so that you can sustain growth and healing.

In a high consciousness field there is much more energy available to you than a normal environment. As you personally rise in consciousness in that environment, you increase your power to create the life that you want, the optimal life for you.

You have the power. How you use it is up to you.

Personal evolution is a co-creative process. You and your Higher Power, however you perceive it, are in charge. What we put into the field of consciousness, is what comes back to us. What we put in is the energy of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

As we practice conscious choice of what we put into the field and as we are supported by the FLFE high consciousness field, we have more power to create the world we most prefer to live in.

You may be surprised how quickly change occurs in a consistent high consciousness field!

You may be well down this path and here are some basic steps that could be helpful to you:

FLFE + Additional Power for you to co-create the life you want

We developed the “Magnetizing Process” for manifestation in a high consciousness field. It works!

Download written Magnetizing Process HERE.

Listen to a 10 minutes audio about the Magnetizing Process HERE. If you click the arrow point down, you can download the mp3.

Important note: each of us has free will to decide our path. The mission of FLFE is to support the optimal environment for human evolution. It does not affect free will, it just provides a loving environment with support.

On the journey…

On this journey of personal empowerment and growth the energy of the FLFE high consciousness field gives us energy to accelerate the processes. You are in the driver’s seat with your Higher Power (however you perceive that) and there are many things to see and experience on the journey. Everyone has different experiences and notices different things on the journey. There are temporary occurrences and opportunities that may be signs of healing and personal growth.

You may feel things you are not used to feeling such as:

Feeling Uncomfortable?

You are not doing anything wrong and the FLFE field is supporting you. You are extremely powerful and you have a choice in every moment. In each moment you may recognize the opportunity to shift an uncomfortable state into one with more ease, comfort and joy. FLFE supports you on your unique individual path to create the joyful abundant life that you choose. This is an ongoing journey (with your Higher Power) of self-awareness and empowerment.

Before you reach for the “Off” switch… Try Steps A and/or B

A Fundamental part of the next 2 steps is your personal connection with Divinity. This personal connection is different for everyone – trust yourself and ask for assistance to transcend this discomfort.

Step A – Simple, helpful practices to shift your state of being. You can try any of these practices and trust yourself to know which tool works best for you in any given moment allowing time and focus on self-care

If you have done Step A and you haven’t felt relief or a shift, you may want to address your thoughts (such as an overly active mind, thought loops, excessive worry and fears, negative thinking such as picturing the worst scenario).

Step B – These are techniques and modalities for being able to refocus and quiet the mind

If you are not able to shift your state using tools from step A or B, know that you are being supported and the continued practice of shifting your energy will make it easier as time goes on and is a vital part of the process of raising our consciousness individually. We are prepared to answer questions and support you during business hours in the office. Contact us

You could try reducing the amount of time you spend in the FLFE field or turning it off for a period of time:

  1. Use your control panel and turn the FLFE service “off”.
  2. Re-balance and refocus your energy and your thoughts.
  3. Once you are feeling back in a space of balance and personal love/power turn the FLFE service back “on”.
  4. You could also try having FLFE on for a certain number hours a day, for instance 4 hours a day and then increase over time.

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